About Us

IMG95064366Through a structured, theme based, hands-on approach, our goal is to provide developmentally appropriate activities that give children a great variety of opportunities to learn. We promote language development through reading and talking about stories and poems, providing materials for dramatic play, singing and listening to songs, and encouraging conversation. In this way we help develop children’s vocabulary and their understanding of how our language works, as well as their thinking and reasoning skills. Music encourages the development of listening skills. Movement to music enhances gross motor skills, such as jumping, hopping, and skipping. Our outside play area is also designed to encourage these and other gross motor skills: running, kicking, pedaling, and swinging. Art activities such as painting, cutting, gluing, and working with clay help develop fine motor skills. they also give children experiences with shapes, textures, and combinations of colors, which allow them to develop their senses of touch and sight. Science activities help children explore and learn about the world around them. Observing and examining natural things such as rocks, plants, and animals, exploring the properties of magnets, simple machines, light, and smells, makes use of all their senses to promote understanding and their surroundings. We believe our program nurtures the whole child and prepares each child to continue to be successful lifelong learner.

At Gentle Care We Provide…

  • Quality child care in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • A clean, healthy, and sanitary space.
  • Healthy and appealing meals and snacks served daily.
  • A fun daily teaching program to help your child grow.
  • Music, arts and crafts, and an outdoor playground.
  • Foreign language (Farsi)
  • Daily activities schedule and weekly food schedule.
  • A home away from home for each and every child.