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  • Michaux

    Gentle Care Daycare is wonderful!

  • Jen Fleisher

    We loved our time at Gentle Care Daycare. Mozhdeh and her staff were well trained in the art of infant and toddler management. They had a warm, patient and educational way of approaching the day and each child individually. I was grateful my son spent a year+ there from 9-21 months.(Plus, he napped, played and ate like a champ while at Gentle Care – added greatness!)

  • Robye & Ryan Davidson

    We have both of our children at Gentle Care and we can’t begin to say how much we love the staff there. They provide our kids with a truly loving and educational daycare experience (and the BEST homemade meals!). They offer flexible scheduling, which is so hard to find in Charlottesville. Gentle Care is a second home for our kids and we feel so fortunate to have found them!

  • Addie

    Mozhdeh at Gentle Care provides our children so much love. I could not imagine leaving my little ones anywhere else!

  • Karen & Mike Ball

    Our three-year-old son has attended Gentlecare Daycare for over two years and our 6-month-old has recently joined him in this intimate, family-friendly environment.

    It is because of Mozhdeh that I have been able to run a successful business and feel confident that my child is in excellent, loving hands while I work. I have an unpredictable work schedule and am grateful for the flexibility Gentlecare provides. Mozhdeh graciously allows parents to split days with other parents, sign up for as little as one day a week as needed, and allows parents like myself to drop off and pick up at most any time during the day. There are very few places like this in Charlottesville.

    Our older son talks about “school” all of the time, and we enjoy hearing about their activities each day. Mozhdeh has set up a preschool schedule that rivals larger facilities in town, but is implemented lovingly in a small setting where each child can truly thrive at their own pace. A UVA grad myself, with a preschool teacher for a mother, our family has been incredibly impressed with the tight operation and level of activities that our son has experienced at Gentlecare Daycare.

    We are truly grateful for Mozhdeh’s tireless efforts to provide a safe, clean, fun, and loving environment for our children. Perhaps most meaningful, however, is how she loves them like her own. This shows in all that she does, from home-cooked Whole Foods meals to pictures/videos texted throughout the day. Mozhdeh is part of our family now – I honestly can’t imagine our life without her and Gentlecare!

  • Amanda

    It was really hard for me to go back to work, but finding Gentle Care was a really life saver. I always know she is in great hands. Katelyn loves Mozhdeh and her other teachers. Its a warm and nurturing environment were my daughter can play and learn.

  • Amy & Steve Marciniak

    When we initially looked at daycare providers for our first child, we looked at all of the things that every parent does: the caretakers, the facilities, safety considerations, etc. However, we also wanted to pay attention to how the children themselves looked. This was one of the numerous things that immediately set GentleCare apart. The kids genuinely looked like they were in their home away from home….happy, vibrant and well-loved. After seeing Gentlecare and meeting Mozhdeh, we knew this is where we wanted our children to be. Mozhdeh has helped us raise our two children, now ages 7 and 3. We are convinced that our children would not be who they are today without her and her wonderful staff. Mozhdeh will always have a special place in our heart and we will always be forever grateful.

  • Crystal

    My son has been going to Gentle Care since he was 3 months old, and Mozhdeh and her staff have become like family to us. My son looks forward to “school” every day – and especially on the days when lentils are served 🙂 I can’t say enough about the excellent way this daycare is run. Thank you Gentle Care!

  • Nefret and Noel

    Mozhdeh is absolutely wonderful. Our son has been going to Gentle Care daycare for a couple years now, and we LOVE HER. Our son has loved going to Mozhdeh for the day- she offers amazing flexibility for parents with part-time schedules, and she provides such excellent care! I have never ever once worried about him being there, and it is such a priceless feeling to know that your child is taken care of when you are at work. Gentle Care daycare has been one of the best things for our family- thanks, Mozhdeh!

  • tara

    Our family has relied on the wonderful care provided by Mozhdeh of Gentle Care Daycare for nearly 4 years since our daughter was 12 weeks old.

    As a first time mother, the prospect of going back to work so soon after the birth of our child was quite daunting. Gentle Care had been recommended to us by several mothers, all of whom had highlighted Mozhdeh’s wonderful love of children as well as an incredible level of flexibility with scheduling.

    From the moment we visited her daycare when I was 6 months pregnant, I knew it was the place for us. Her daycare is immaculate, happy, safe and most importantly is staffed with caregivers who treat the children as their own, rather than just placeholders.

    Over the past 2 years, our family has started a local business and undergone an expansion as well. Mozhdeh has offered extra assistance to my family, and has served as a constant support for our daughter during times of change that can often cause emotional disruptions in toddlerhood. Although we have to drive 12 miles roundtrip every day to get to Gentle Care, we wouldn’t consider sending our little girl anywhere else. In fact, we’ve been so impressed by her preschool curriculum that we have decided to keep our daughter in her care for another year. Mozhdeh’s love, care and respect for our child has proven to be one of the most comforting parts of being a full-time working mother and business owner. If my child can’t be in my care, I don’t want her anywhere but in Mozhdeh’s care at Gentle Care. Our familyis so lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy idyllic days in Mozdeh’s care, surrounded by familiar faces, home-cooked meals (by Mozdeh), caregivers and children that bring her so much joy every day.

  • Tina and Corey

    Our youngest daughter was in Mozhdeh’s wonderful care for 2.5 years (from 18 months to 3 years old). We can’t speak enough about how compassionate, loving and nurturing the Gentle Care environment is for a small child. We feel so blessed to have found Mozhdeh and the amazing world she creates for children. We were sad when it was time to move on because as working parents, there is nothing more comforting than knowing your child is happy, safe and learning new things every day. If you are so lucky to become part of the Gentle Care family, you will see what I mean.

  • Kristi H

    GentleCare has provided high quality care for our daughter since she was 4 months old. As a working mother, I am so happy that our daughter is being cared for by such loving people who truly enjoy spending time with her. Mozhdeh is one of the most kindhearted and conscientious people I know. Her experience with children is apparent, and she operates the center in a very professional manner. I am amazed at how well Mozhdeh and her staff know each child as an individual, their unique needs and preferences. The children are provided developmentally appropriate toys, nutritious meals, plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and lots of loving care in a clean and safe environment. I cannot imagine sending our daughter anywhere else. I really appreciate Mozhdeh making it possible for me to focus on work during the day without “mother guilt”. Mozhdeh- you are the best! Thank you!

  • Teri and Aaron Lamb

    We feel so fortunate that both of our daughters have been able to attend GentleCare Day Care from the time they were 11 months old until almost 3 years old. Mozhdeh has a great understanding of social and emotional development of children and really has the magic touch with each individual child. She chooses employees carefully and assures that they add to her high quality environment. I have learned a lot from just watching her communication with the children and observed her resolve conflict gracefully. A fabulous additional benefit has been her homemade, healthy, and delicious lunches that the children love! There were times when we had to use other child care when waiting for “a spot” and the relief we felt when the girls were finally in Mohzdeh’s care was worth waiting for! Thank you Mohzdeh for all your loving work with Hallie and Etta!

  • Marisa & Nate

    Our son had the great fortune of being a “GentleCare Kid” from the time he was 5 months old until he started at a local Montessori School. While pregnant I looked at fourteen different day care options and the ONLY one that I felt comfortable with was GentleCare. There wasn’t even a close 2nd. Everything about Mozdeh and her team put me at ease. I waited several months for the opening – and I am so glad that I did. Noel loved every day – was never upset to go there and often did not want to leave this loving environment. It was exactly the right fit for him – love and support from the time he was a tiny baby until his rambunctious toddler years. He learned kindness and empathy during these years. You can’t ask for more.

    Even now – three years later, whenever he sees Mozdeh he runs to her – arms outstretched – waiting for his hugs. Now if that doesn’t say she’s family, I don’t know what would. Thank you Mozdeh for infusing our lives with so much love, support and kindness. We couldn’t not have asked for a better caretaker and friend!

  • Anna Katherine and Matt Clay

    Our now two-and-a-half-year-old son, Connor, has gone to GentleCare for the past year, and we are SO thankful that he’s been in the loving care of Mozdeh, Samy, Ana and Mimi! What an incredible, loving, wonderful environment and a place that Connor LOVES. We had tried several other daycares with Connor and he never seemed happy or comfortable at any of them. Finally we started GentleCare, and from the first week, I wished we’d started him there from his baby days! He is SO happy going to GC – he talks about all of his teachers at home, brings beautiful artwork and songs back to us, and has learned wonderful life lessons about sharing, loving, cleaning up and more. He is moving on to a preschool in a few weeks and I honestly cry just thinking about leaving GentleCare. We will always love Mozdeh and her wonderful group of teachers and we will miss them terribly! To us, this is hands-down the best daycare in Charlottesville.

  • Leslie and Howie

    We are so blessed that Mozhdeh and the Gentle Care Daycare staff took care of our son for over two years. Mozhdeh and her staff were warm and welcoming every day, provided an engaging, clean, and fun learning environment with developmentally-appropriate activities, fed the children healthy and filling snacks and lunches every day, and most importantly — our son was happy as he could be to spend his daycare years making new friends at Mozhdeh’s amazing Gentle Care Daycare!

  • Martha Keith

    We are so grateful that friends recommended Gentle Care to us back when we were looking for childcare for our 13 month old son. Felix was nurtured, encouraged and supported in every way while he was in the care of Mozhdeh and her staff. Mozhdeh herself is a “child whisperer” who really understands little ones. She is nurturing and at the same time so, so solid, with a natural skill for communication. We were drawn to her mission of teaching children to have empathy and compassion for others – and we witnessed her making that a priority in everything she did with the kids, including the way that she approached them – with empathy and compassion. Felix’s two years with Mozhdeh were such positive foundation building years for him – we couldn’t be happier with our experience with her and we whole-heartedly recommend Gentle Care Daycare. Now at age 6 and a half, Felix still requests meals “like Mozhdeh made”!

  • Ariel and Zak

    You can’t ask for a nicer, more caring group of people than Mozhdeh and the staff at Gentle Care. Our daughter loved her time there and was constantly talking about her caregivers. Gentle Care provides the most valuable thing any parent could ask for — peace of mind. We knew that when we dropped our daughter off each day that she was being well cared for and loved. And Mozhdeh makes great food, too!

  • Megan & Jim Kingdon

    Our little guy absolutely loved Gentle Care – the place and the staff – from his very first day. The genuinely warm and nurturing environment gave us total peace of mind. They were always gracious about accommodating specific details of care and were attuned to his changes and unique needs. He was always happy to get there and receive his warm reception. The environment provided the perfect amount of love, healthy socialization and engagement. I learned from just watching the ways they loved, cared for and communicated with the little ones. They truly understand and ‘see’ each child.

  • Jenn and Brian

    We are so blessed that both of our daughters were nurtured by Mozhdeh and her team. As a new mom, I was so anxious to leave our eldest in the care of someone else, but from the moment I met Mozhdeh, I knew our daughter would be in capable and loving hands, which helped our entire family through the transition. When our second came along, I knew she also needed to experience the ladies (and Mozhdeh’s cooking) at GC. They worked closely to accommodate our schedule and our finicky napper and eater and both girls truly thrived at GC. If we have a 3rd, you can bet I’ll be calling Mozhdeh to get on the wait list right away!

  • Arielle

    We can’t say enough good things about Mozhdeh and Gentle Care. We only looked at one daycare, because we immediately knew that it doesn’t get any better. From the home-cooked meals to the 1:1 attention to the love she shows every child and family, we are so thankful that our son was able to spend 2+ years there. Mozhdeh, Sami and Anna are truly one of a kind, and the environment they’ve created is brimming with compassion, creativity, fun and love.

  • Margaret Murray Bloom

    My daughter was 9 months when she started at Gentlecare, but my son was a mere 6 weeks when we felt ready to drop him off. I have always thought that was a telling sign that I love and trust the Gentlecare ladies very, very much! The love and care my kids received from Gentlecare was simply incredible – they helped us through transitions and nurtured our children in a loving environment. They have the equal abilities to soothe fussy babies, encourage infant exploration, and redirect toddler tantrums. I’ve always loved that my kids have the faint scent of the Mozdheh, Sammi, and Anna because I know that means that have been getting lots of hugs! The logistics of home-cooked meals, accommodating hours, and sleep records made the daily grind of daycare dropoff and pickup so much easier. The relationship we had with Gentlecare was built on trust and understanding, and I couldn’t have asked for a better daycare experience for my young kids.

  • Lauren Stump

    We started taking our son to Gentle Care at 6 weeks old. It was really scary to leave him with other people at such a young age, but we quickly realized that he was in great hands there (probably better than ours as first time parents!). Mozhdeh, Anna, and Sami became an extension of our son’s family. They provided invaluable parenting advice when I needed it. They got him into a great routine for naps and eating. He loved the food so much that he still tells me he likes Mozhdeh’s cooking better for some items!! They also taught him how to interact with his peers and handle situations with his words and kind actions rather than typical toddler behavior. Sadly, we had to move on as our son got older, but we would whole-heartedly recommend Gentle Care!

  • Crystal M.

    Both of my children started Gentle Care as newborns and continued there until they were two years old. The experience was wonderful for our entire family. My husband and I especially appreciated Mozhdeh’s attention to detail and genuine care for others. She and her team provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to grow, learn, and develop socially.

  • Kate & Paul

    Gentle Care Daycare is a truly, truly amazing place. Our youngest son attended from ~10 months to 2 1/2 years, and had a fantastic time. He was safe, happy, and loved every minute of the day; and he SLEPT in ways that we often cannot ourselves replicate! He absolutely adored everyone who worked there, and we did too: they were consistently professional, thoughtful, and wonderfully caring.

    We recommend Gentle Care to anyone and everyone. It’s an amazing place.

  • Shannon Noe

    Gentle Care Daycare was the perfect fit for our family. Our three children thrived in the loving environment that they have created. I trust very few people with the care of my children but I 100% trusted Mozhdeh, Anna, and Sami. Attending Gentle Care during those important early years set them up to succeed in preschool and beyond. We will always be grateful for the love that Mozhdeh, Anna, and Sami gave to our babies. I cannot recommend Gentle Care enough!

  • Hunter Chorey

    There are a number of childcare options around Charlottesville and Albemarle County, but we were lucky that our 2 girls were able to attend Gentle Care Daycare.

    Gentlecare provided a nurturing, encouraging, and safe environment for my girls to grow and develop. Mozhdeh, Ms. Ana, and Ms. Sami loved our children well. My girls’ eyes would light up when we went to “school” every morning.

    My wife and I were always confident that our girls were safe and well taken care of, and we would highly recommend Gentle Care Daycare to anyone looking for an excellent daycare experience for their children.

  • Leslie Morris

    If you have the opportunity to send your child to GentleCare, please do not hesitate. Mozhdeh will forever be family to us and we miss her dearly (Anna and Sami as well). We sent our son at 6 weeks old. They were more than willing to accommodate our feeding/nap schedule, greeted him with big hugs, sent us sweet photos while we were away, fed him healthy meals, fostered a clean and safe environment and loved him as their own. We are forever grateful for our time there.

  • Ally Pamer

    We’ve lived in three different states and have had countless daycare experiences, yet Gentle Care Daycare remains the best childcare we’ve had to date. My son was only 8 weeks old when he started there, and I felt completely at ease from day one. Mozhdeh not only cared for my son, but she loved him like family. It was so heartwarming to see their connection, and we still keep in touch to this day! If you’re looking for a daycare that will thoughtfully and lovingly care for your child the same way a family member would, look no further. Gentle Care is the place for you!

  • Carolyn Pinkerton

    Handing over your children to someone else to care for them involves an enormous amount of trust. Luckily, we always knew we were in good hands with the team at Gentle Care Daycare.

    As a former educator, I looked carefully for a daycare that had a thoughtfully prepared environment for our children. At Gentle Care, the space is clean, orderly, and filled with developmentally appropriate materials. I loved seeing the projects our children joyfully completed, along with all the singing, dancing, book reading, and playing outside every day. As a mother, I wanted my children to be held, loved, and feel safe and secure in a place that felt like their home away from home. The children are treated with respect and love. If you do not want your child to get a lot of hugs and affection, this is NOT the place for you!

    It is easy to see all the measures Mozhdeh has in place to keep the children safe, including fostering relationships with parents that allow for direct communication with her and the other caregivers, Sami and Heather. It is common for parents to stand outside while the children play and chat with the Gentle Care team and other parents at pickup time.

    The transition for our children to their new schools was an easy one, and I credit all the love and patience that was poured into them while at Gentle Care for that. They still speak fondly about their time at Gentle Care and we love to visit when we can. We are so grateful for the time we had as part of the Gentle Care family.

  • Kalin Bird

    We have had both our children at Gentle Care at some point over the past 4 years. To say we were lucky beyond measure to have our children there would be an understatement! Mozhdeh is a kind, calm, patient, intelligent caregiver who adores children as much as they adore her. Her staff (currently Sami & Heather) is PHENOMENAL and has extremely low turnover (only one change in the 4 years we have been there, and that was due to a person’s early retirement at the start of the pandemic). We emphatically trust her and her team without hesitation. I cannot recommend Gentle Care Daycare ENOUGH and whenever we have told someone our children are there, the response is always “oh yes, everyone loves that place!”. Their actions towards safety and cleanliness during the covid-19 pandemic was unparalleled, especially with children too young to mask or get vaccinated. Mozhdeh and her team are not just a daycare – they’re friends and family to everyone who attends. We love Mozhdeh!

  • Jill Meriwether

    Where to even begin. Both of our children attended Gentle Care Daycare over the last few years, and we couldn’t have loved it more. Mozhdeh, Sami, and Heather love these children like their own. I remember in our first conversation with Mozhdeh, she told us, “If you don’t want us loving on your children, this isn’t the place for you.” There is no shortage of affection towards all of the kids there, and that has been our favorite part. All of the home cooked meals and snacks, the gentle guidance when your toddler has a tantrum or is learning to share, the excellent communication between Mozhdeh and parents, all of the photo and video updates…it all made it an incredible e perform our family. We consider Mozhdeh and team part of our village who have helped us raise our babies, and we are eternally grateful for them!

  • Heather Broach

    I heard about Mozhdeh’s daycare through a friend I grew up with, here in Charlottesville. My friend was so insistent that my son go to Gentle Care that she would regularly check in with me until she had heard I had gotten a spot. We started with one day a week when our son was 6 months old. That quickly turned into a full time spot. From the first moment I met Mozhdeh, I felt at home. I handed her my son to hold the first time we met and it just felt right. Words cannot ever express the gratitude and pure love I feel for Mozhdeh and Sami. They are family. Mozhdeh works hard to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect. She makes these incredible homemade dishes for the kids that are filled with all the right things. I wish I could eat with them! We still keep in touch even though our son started preschool about a year ago. I can’t imagine not keeping up with them. They will love your child/children like they are their own. They teach them amazing lifelong skills from such a young age. So, if you don’t like your children to be loved on, fed amazing food, allowed to play and learn until their hearts and heads are full, this is not the place for you. Mozhdeh is an amazing person. Everything she does is from her heart and with maximum love for the children. We are so lucky to have her and Sami as part of our family.

  • Elise

    We started with Mozhdeh at the beginning of the pandemic all the way through him graduating out to a new school. She was so careful during the pandemic we felt completely safe sending him there. Eli flourished and learned so many skills, especially social ones in a time when he was not going out in public and getting normal experiences. He loves Mozhdeh, Sami, and Heather and asks about them daily. He would not be the great little boy we have without all their work raising him.

  • Bess Hingeley

    My son started with Gentle Care when he turned 1 year old. He graduated after his 3rd birthday. Gentle Care was a wonderful experience for Parker. He grew to love his classmates and all three of the Gentle Care Staff. Mozhdeh, Sami and Heather are beautiful souls with unlimited compassion and patience towards children. It is obvious they truly enjoy their jobs and the time they spend with the little ones. A normal day includes storytime, arts and crafts, plenty of all weather playtime outside, free play and home cooked meals by Mozhdeh. Mozhdeh does a wonderful job keeping the parents in the loop during the day. The staff has the keen ability to notice any changes in the children’s well-being and alerts the parents in a timely fashion.

    For parents placing children in daycare for the first time, rest assured Gentle Care is the place for your child. Your anxieties and worries will quicky wash away after meeting the staff and seeing the smile on your little ones face.

    I am so grateful for Gentle Care. I consider Mozhdeh, Sami and Heather family and I am blessed for the time my son spent under their care.

  • Jackie K.

    This place is one of a kind! The environment that Mozhdeh fosters at Gentle Care is loving, kind, and focused on the patient development of children at each stage. She and her team really understand how to care for infants and children in a compassionate way that feels like being at home while at the same time teaching the skills that help prepare for preschool. Both of my kids thrived at Gentle Care and received so much love and encouragement — their cups would be so full at the end of each day because the folks at Gentle Care treat you like family. We still talk about the teachers all the time because it is such a special place! I am so grateful to our time there and would recommend them to anyone without reservation.

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